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JAWAD KAZIM is a Pakistan Based Internationally Certified Astrologer. He caries Memberships in International Astrology Associations like International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), American Federation of Astrologers, National council for Geo-cosmic research and APFAS.

JAWAD KAZIM has done many Radio Programmes on national and international radio on renowned channels like Contact Pakistan FM 101 and FM-AMZ. 

Many true predictions forecasted by JAWAD KAZIM have been published in national and international magazines. Assassination of x-PM Benazir Bhutto, Downfall of Pervez Musharraf, Bloodshed in Burma 2012, Attack on Gaza Nov 2012, Fall of MR GILLANI in June 2012, Return of pakistan's x-president PERVEZ MUSHARRAF back to Pakistan, Victory of Obama for the second time and coming of PML-N in Regime, as a ruling party in 2013 as few examples of predictions.

Some of the future predictions include the getting back of PERVAIZ MUSHARAF before mid of 2014, coming of AAP in power in India, Down Fall of Capitalism in between the years 2015-20, Russia’s coming into power from 2014, Pakistan’s financial political and peace stability from 2015.

JAWAD KAZIM has three international offices in world, first in Italia, second in United Kingdom and 3rd is in Pakistan. He loves to meet people along with drawing their natal charts. He has completed more than 12,413 charts alone for individuals in the world. Currently he is researching on Medical Astrology, Horary, Electional Astrology and Divisional Charts of Vedic astrology.


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